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Ender Pearls through borders.



  • Endermen have now become a sought after and endangered species in my world.

    Another way I have fixed this is using a command block with /clear @a ender_pearl 0 100.
    If you place the block under a pressure plate in the middle of a 3x3 contained room with a chicken it in, it will randomly activate the command at fairly regular intervals. As long as the chicken is in range of an active player. Can create a bit of lag on the server though.
  • Yuripadua
    Guys just for "up" the topic. I have the same problem. I already ready here that this issue are already knowed by the thecnical support.

    I hope they can solve this problem ASAP. This is very boring.
  • Joseph Agabiti

    Christopher, thanks for the idea, but even though that is possible it is ridiculous! Not your fault! But what is the purpose of a boarder block that should prevent students from leaving an area, but doesn't work. Hours of wasted work to build a world with borders just to have a student find a way around them in 5 minutes. 

    I could go in and use your fix, but I'm not going to bother. Our school will not renew our license for Minecraft, I am disgusted with the whole thing.


  • Brandon Sperger

    I have made a map that restricts student movement quite well, and stops portals, ender pearls, tridents, bows, and crossbows.  This all restricts griefing.  Also, you can restrict students to their zones or let them visit others.  They are creative mode when in their zones, and adventure when not.  It took alot of command blocks :(.   You can also assign projects from the admin area to each student, copying your work done once 24 times!  If you are interested, let me know!


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