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Saved worlds on different devices



  • Official comment
    Kyle M

    Stephen is correct. Antonio we do not have any cloud-based storage.



  • Stephen Elford
    Beacon of Knowledge

    Hi Antonio, the worlds are saved to the particular device you are using, and are not stored on your account as such. The current way around all of this is to 'export' your world somewhere accessible to all devices when finished on one device, and then import it on the second device to use it there.


    I hope that helps.

  • Antonio Juarez

    Thank you guys, one more there a way to keep student from switching over to creative when they are in a survival world?

  • Stephen Elford
    Beacon of Knowledge

    If they are in their own world, no, I don't believe there is, if they are in a collaborative world, that setting should only be able to be adjusted by the host of that world.

  • Harry Ceccato

    where are the worlds saved on mac? 


    I can't login to minecraft education edition on my mac, but I can on windows. I would like to recover my saved worlds.

  • AdamS

    Hello Harry Ceccato

    Thanks for reaching out to us! Great question! So whichever worlds you have are stored in the game on that specific device. You can go into the game and look at your worlds and export them as an .mcworld file. This file you can save to whichever type of device, storage medium you would like to. Then you can transfer it to another device and import the world into that copy of Minecraft: Education Edition. 

    Here are the step by step instructions for you:

    To get the worlds on your mac exported, you will need to log into the game. Also note that Bedrock/Java worlds can not be imported into Minecraft: Education Edition


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