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Minecraft Teaching ONLINE



  • El e-learning es una solución a la enseñanza en linea y para educar a distancia en unas escuelas se usa en alumnos que no pueden asistir por enfermedad, suspendido temporalmente, por algún problema y hasta estudiar un curso al mismo tiempo que cursa su educación básica.

  • Allyn Jacobs

    It's not going to work the way you want it to work. Discord has absolutely nothing to do with the Microsoft Office365/Azure AD environment. For the Minecraft Education Edition to function you would need support from the IT Department.

    It requires minimally the "Free" level of Office365/AzureAD paired with the licensing on a per user basis for Minecraft. Some Districts have "Site Licenses" which have a range of different options and services that are included and the district pays a per student and per staff member fee.

    You would want to send an E-mail to your School/District Technical contact, and if you don't get an answer in a reasonable amount of time, 2-4 weeks, after polite follow-ups, I would then escalate it to your district's Tech Director.

    1.) Does the district have a Microsoft Licensing Agreement? Does that agreement include license rights for Minecraft Education Edition?

    2.) Has the district setup an Office 365/Azure AD tenant.

    3.) Does the district currently provide unique logins for each student.

    All three need to be true in order to move forward.

    **Note** you can do something completely different if students "bring their own license" and you use personal/public Minecraft licenses. If you do that, you could either purchase cloud hosting, or operate a server for Minecraft. This method would not give you access to any of the Education Edition improvements. No Code Builder, No Classroom Tools, No Element Constructor.

    If you can better describe your vision, I can attempt to help you craft a letter to send to your district tech department to ask for what you would like.


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