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Minecraft on Chromebooks




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    Kyle M

    Thanks for posting. This is a very popular request, and it involves a large amount of hurdles for our team to manage. We are actively investigating options at this time.

  • Steven Sabbe


  • Pieterjan Volckaert

    Exactly what I need! We bought Chromebooks for our entire middle school this schoolyear.

    Now I won't be able to give Minecraft lessons anymore, my students loved it! 

  • Allyn Jacobs

    The likelyhood that they would make this happen is minimal. Despite making attempts at replicating the simplicity of the Google Admin Panel (They have an Insight for Education interface that is highly streamlined), by providing a method to leverage the windows devices with a native deepfreeze like methodology in order to restrict file system changes to specific locations, and more, they still have not regained significant market share. Their hardware partners have put windows devices into the channel at price points similar to Chromebooks and it hasn't given them the traction that I am sure they are wanting. If they give native support for ChromeOS it's basically throwing in the towel. Now you could certainly build out a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and pair that with either web based or Chrome OS App based access into the VDI environment and run minecraft from there. Unfortunately it's cost prohibitive to build out a VDI Infrastructure even if you ultimately only wanted to support 30 or so concurrent connections. It requires a significant IT investment in up front development/engineering and support.... Those heavily invested in iOS/MacOS have likely been that way for quite some time, and it's not really a competing market. The price points only recently got *close* with the recent iPad that was rolled out targeted specifically for education, but I still think it's close to $100 more expensive than the typical Chromebook.

    Your best bet, would be to ask the IT Department to support a Cart/Lab based initiative to continue running Minecraft Education Edition.

  • Suzaan Young

    My school is considering Chromebooks. I don’t see why Microsoft couldn’t do something to make this work as popular as both are. 

  • Ted Lemmy

    Why not Azure VDI?

  • Greg Castrigano

    Chromebooks are not powerful enough to run anything outside of the Chrome browser, especially the low end Chromebooks favored by schools.

    Don't blame Microsoft or Mojang or anyone else.

    Chromebooks are motorcycles. Macs/PCs/iPads are RVs. No comparison.

    I recently took over a "Chromebook school" and I am in the process of transforming them into all iPads, then we will add Surface Pros.

    You need to get the buy-in from parents and teachers and administration.

    We are going to spend more money of tech, because Chromebooks are not the best option for students.

    The screens are not good for the kid's eyes, the keyboards are crap, and it's silly to give the kids a box with a browser and call it a computer.

    Get the Logitech Rugged Combos and the iPads will last 6 years, compared to the 2 or 3 years you get from cheap Chromebooks.

    /rant   : )

  • Benjamin Hagberg

    I very much agree with this. I would love to see Minecraft on chromebook. So many schools are moving to them... ;)

  • James Smith

    Minecraft EE runs on a raspberry PI 4 so it's hard to believe it can't be made to work on a Chromebook

  • Silver Ekeh

    Please, I REALLY want to be able to use M:EE on my chromebook. I want to teach using This site, but I can't! It's so sad. So, PLEASE, do it.

  • Leon Gijse

    Hello Kyle,

    Thank you for the hard work, but I can't find M:EE in the Google play store in the google admin. Is it possible that my location (The Netherlands) isn't supported?

    I really want to try the beta of M:EE! 


    With regards,

    Leon Gijse


  • Torger Sinnes

    Really bed development of Minecraft since Microsoft buying it. Now forcing everyone to migrate to MS-accounts....baaaad choice. You had an extremely popular and simple product, and now your tearing it appart? Not good!


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