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Presenting projects to the class



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    Kyle M

    Great suggestions by Pablo below.

  • Pablo Joyce

    Hi Heather, you could use screen grabs, or the camera and portfolio exported, or probably best of all, you could get them to give a tour using the screen recording function in PowerPoint. There is another thread here about screen recording which gives more details about that. 

  • Heather Berrington

    Thank you, Joyce. I will look into screen recording. 

  • Jessica Pilsner

    I often have students connect their own devices to present, but having the worlds on one device works well too. I have found combining show the world with documentation and the planning and research done in a Sway to work well. I have students document the full process in Sway and that becomes a good way to share the work outside the school community to people who may not have education edition licenses. I add this documentation as part of the project criteria, it also helps them reflect on their research and the full process of the project. 

  • Masmoudi Sonia

    Thank you Pablo 


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