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iPad and keyboard



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    Kyle M

    HI Leticia,

    Thank you for posting! 

    The iPad in general does not support the use of a mouse and it only supports keyboards on select games, Minecraft not being one of them.


  • Scott Nourse

    Hi- our student devices have keyboards- the app would be much more useful if it supported both- most games do support keyboards on iPads.   Thank you!

  • Michael GIRODAT

    Attention: Kyle M


    Please apply to allow keyboard and mouse play on Minecraft edu iPad edition.


    It's important to be able to type in the coding section. 

    Also, keyboards and mouse act as an assistive technology device, especially when you have a disability in your shoulders.

    The mouse works, but the keyboard is not recognised.




  • Barbara Neill

    I am trying to learn how to use the iPad with Touch to be able to help my students. All of the instructions in the Tutorial games are written for keyboard and mouse. Is there a way to get the instructions on the chalk boards and prompts for Touch? I have gone into Settings and selected Touch, but it doesn't change the signs. 



  • Steven Sabbe

    Hi! I just want to add here that the iPad does support keyboard and mouse support in apps now (iPadOS 14), so I hope Minecraft will include this in one of their upcoming updates.


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