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3D Printing for Apple Macs and iOS as well as a more direct means for Windows



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    Kyle M Community team
    Expert (Gold)

    Hi Derrall, 

    Thanks for posting great feeback. If you would like to dive deeper go ahead and submit a request and we can chat further.


  • Stephen Elford
    Expert (Gold) Beacon of Knowledge

    Hi Derrall,


    There is a way to easily convert the builds done in M:EE to a format that is read by Mineways. Reach out on Twitter @EduElfie, email me at eduelfie at gmail dot com, or join the mentor Discord at and we can get you over that speedbump. That being said I totally agree about the format of the structure block export!

  • Masmoudi Sonia Community moderator

    agree about the format of the structure block export to


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