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player/agent orientation



  • Kyle M

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for posting. Can you expand on this a little bit?


  • Yes, I would like to know which way the player/agent is "facing".  This would allow me to make things appear in the proper orientation.  I wonder if "key bindings" would be possible also.  In the Kano version of Minecraft Hack it's very intuitive to be able to bind an action to a key and have it appear based on the relative orientation to the player.  I can walk up to a location and hit a button and the objects (a castle, moat, planet, house, etc) appears in "front" of the player.  Right now I don't even seem to have a way to be able to script it at all because there is no API call to determine the orientation of the player.

  • Kyle M

    Thank you Daniel. I will ensure this is shared to the broader team

  • Not being able to identify the player's orientation is really a handicap. We'd like to teach the kids to build with their agent, but the agent does not always face the same direction as the player. Same case for the fill code block. It can be very frustrating for the kids (and the instructor!). Is there any progress on this request submitted a year ago?


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