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How do you create world with more than one specific biome?



  • Kyle M Community team
    Expert (Gold)


    Thanks for posting. Someone may have some other loopholes, but to my knowledge this is only possible in the Java edition. Our Discord would be a great place to bounce this idea around with other educators:

  • Vikram Harinath

    Just thought I'd post in here that it is possible to use a seed code to create a world with multiple biomes.

    Someone from another site directed me to this page:

    There are a number of seeds there that work with Minecraft Education Edition that create a variety of biomes.

    The one I have decided to use is this one:

    Seed of Success 11:  2052930197336800526
    5 Villages! An all-star geography world with Mesa, Desert, Forest, Mountain and grassland elements. Some of these biomes are beautiful while deserts have buried temples and the central mountain has to be the best ever site for a mansion that looks down on the world. Again, place teleport blocks at each village you find and enjoy the variety of this biome. Perhaps split students up into hill-people, desert people, Mesa-people and plains-people for interesting experiences. 

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