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No multitasking: iPad iOS switching apps disconnects MC:EE



  • Christoph Peters

    The only workaround I found in iOS to not get disconnected while switching to another app like the Classroom app or safari is to use Slide Over. Whereas Split View does not work for me with MC:EE.

    In Windows or Mac OS switching to other apps is no problem. But in school, if the teacher use an iPad to host multiplayer games, it turns very bad if the teacher switches to necessary apps like Safari or Classroom app since to hole game disconnects kicking all students. So they need to join again with the Join Code. That issue makes the teacher look like a noob!

    The Slide Over solution has it's flaws. The Slide Over window is only a portion of the iPad screen. And usability with dragging and sliding accurately can be a pain in the middle of a class. So please, provide a fix to do disconnects only if it is intended. Thank you

  • Kyle M

    Hello Christoph Peters,

    Thanks for posting. Yes switching apps on iPad causes a loss in connectivity. Thank you for sharing the Slide Over workaround.


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