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Make it where you don't need to use the same internet to join other people



  • simanainenv

    you don't need the same internet, use the IP address that it shows in the game and share the ip address and the 4 code thing to ur friends . xd

  • Evgenii Permiakov

    You also need to open some ports on your router. Let me know if this question is still relevant and I will provide a step-by-step tutorial.

  • the ip address does not work i tried it  did not work I tried multiple times and it still did not work

  • The IP address approach usually does not work because private IP addresses do not translate well to public IP addresses. Better that you are in the same @domain and then can use join codes. If not on the same network, you will need to open the port 19132 on the host computer.

  • Cristian Cerna

    It doesn't work though I wished they just removed the feature man it's so annoying when you have to be so close to each other it's really a pain.


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