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Ingame areas for different gamemodes.



  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Hi Wim - I think you could achieve this using specialty blocks.  Take a look at this article to learn more:

  • Evgenii Permiakov

    Hello, in my Entrepreneurship World, I have a town with infrastructure where students can buy & sell items, access factory and so on. To protect the area from interference, when students enter the town, their game mode is changes to "Adventure" which allows them to interact with NPC but disable them from building / destroying blocks. Once they leave the premises of the village, their game mode is changed to Survival so they can build / farm / mine, etc. 

    Let me know if this question is till relevant, and I will provide a step-by-step tutorial as to how it's done. 



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