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Graduation skin



  • ok i found a way to use customs skins in minecraft edu
    there is the steps

    1- creat a files where you will put your custom skins that you can easely found

    2- go in the files of minecraft edu and try to found a file named '' data ''

    3- go in the file named data and then try to find another file name '' skin_pack '' in the file '' data ''

    4- go in skin_pack and then you will see a file named steve.png.
    move steve.png from skin_pack to the files that you created for your skins and rename it steveOriginal.png(to know that this is the original steve model)

    5-after removed steve.png from skin_pack, put the custom skin (example: customSkin.png)
    in the file skin_pack and rename customSkin.png to steve.png (cause the console will try to load a skin named steve.png and if it aren't found, that will create an error)

    6- open minecraft education and go to skins and you will see that the steve skin as become your custom skin and like that you can play wit a custom skin

  • i also found this trick by myself
    cause i wanted my custom skin me to and it worked first try so don't worry, that will not broke anything in the game that just change you skin

    ( that also work with alex.png)


  • William Lee

    Thank you. Do I need to apply this hack to the machines of all participants or just the host?

  • hum no you don't need

    just do it and then finish you don't need to do anything more


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