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When we will see videos and forms into minecraft education ?



  • Penny Support Team
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Support Team Member

    Hello marcelo saldanha - we don't currently have native support to add video or forms to Minecraft.  However, you can add a Non Player Character (NPC) to a world that links to a video or a form hosted by another service.  Here's more information about using NPCs in Minecraft: Education Edition:

    The video you shared displays a solution that uses a fairly complex resource pack to add video to Bedrock.

  • Hi CarrieD, tks. In deed I am already using the NPC with /commands and URLs as a resource in MEE. Maybe a possibility is to create a Mod to use book and quill like a google form and to use the item picture as a TV....But thks again and I will continue to search more about how to include lessons as challenges into the game.


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