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    Minecraft EDU Team

    cc BryanB RENATA KELLER let us know any other ideas you have for lower grades - what would you like to see? 

  • Kyle M

    Thanks for posting RENATA KELLER.

    If you want to discuss some more lesson ideas go ahead and submit a request and I can put you in touch directly with a Minecraft Mentor. Thanks!

  • This is an interesting problem -- I wonder if there might be a 'Quatro' or 'Duplo' version (like in the LEGO universe) of Minecraft for the youngest ones.

  • Brayden Collein

    Question, can you add all of the experimental gameplay from bedrock edition to Minecraft education edition? im trying at add mods to my world and cant because of this...

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Brayden Collein you can use resource packs and behavior packs with Minecraft EE, but you have to make sure they are the right version since EE is behind the commercial releases Just have to rename the .zip to .mcpack.  Here is a post about it. 

    As to lesson worlds for the Younger students.  Yes I agree Minecraft is a bit short of lessons for the pre 3rd grade age groups.

    Some Alphabet lessons and sight words lessons would be really helpful.

    I think Education edition needs a set of letter and number blocks officially, I know you can do it with resource packs but it seems to me a necessary thing for doing a spelling quiz.  (I am working on a 2nd grade spelling world.)

    Same goes for basic numbers and lower level math (though the Math Robot world for Bedrock edition was pretty good.)

    I would probably start pretty basic with the younger ones and have them build something and tell me how many blocks it took to build it.  Or start with some basic tutorials showing them how to build something and see if they can follow instructions.  The camera and portfolio could probably be really good toys for the youngsters.

    Maybe see if they can work as teams to see who can farm the most of something.

    My biggest challenge is our group only has a very limited number of students in it currently so team activities are basically impossible.


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