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Where has all of my work gone? Why are 'OLD' style maps even still available?



  • Alan Downes

    I have found a solution to this if anyone suffers the same issue. Exit the game and before you start it, click Make Infinite. (surprisingly, this has restored all of the work outside of the previous crop which is a relief).

    Point still remains, absolutely no point having Old as an option if it isn't the same size across all devices, could cause issues in the classroom if others make the same mistakes as I did. Perhaps an argument to have a limited size make, Small, Medium and Large?

  • Kyle M

    HI Alan Downes,

    Thanks for following up with your solution. I know this is an issue they are planning to fix with future releases as well. 

  • Dominick
    Bug Zapper Support

    Adding this to our support ticket system and closing the post. 


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