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Bug: Controllers Destroy Keybinds



  • Chris Campbell

    Steps to replicate:

    Open a coding challenge on mouse and keyboard.
    Plug in a controller and play with controller for a little while.
    Go back to the keyboard and Press C. The code builder will not open.

    Workaround: resetting keys to default. This happens every time a controller input is put into the PC.

  • Sarah Elliott
    Bug Zapper Super Star

    I work with many different schools across Ontario, and even without controllers, we've been finding during our live lessons that a lot of students' games have unbound the Code Builder from C. Not sure what's causing it since they're not using controllers, and it's only been happening since the last update, and it's rarely every student in a class, but I almost never have one of these sessions any more without having to do an "if you're pressing C and nothing happens, here's how you check your keyboard controls...."  

    (I'm leading virtually to many classrooms so I can't answer questions about version/device make and model/OS, etc., just wanted to make Minecraft Edu aware it's a widespread issue).


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