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Game running slow with loops file



  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hello! All of these exciting commands to track scoring are adding so much to the environment. I love it.

    I admit to not being very familiar with all of this. Other than being a fan ;) I am wonderiing if the constant checking for those blocks and such is bogging down your cpu cycles a bit in that loop. I am wondering if it is possible to do anything about it in these one line commands in the direction of a small pause or something. Just a curiosity question, and I will wait for the people who actually know anything to comment. I am amazed at you and look forward to hearing more!

  • Florian Rigau

    A little update about the issue.

    We finally fixed it for now. The problem was that we summoned a custom entity (it was our first time doing that) somewhere and we cloned a structure with a new one (the same but the difference was into the walls) and we though the entity would be killed by the structure load. But... No ^^

    So we ended up having 200+ entities at the same place to load and the game didn't liked that :D 

    Once we killed all the entities and fixed with the "kill @e[r=1]", problem was fixed \o/

    Until next one :D 


    Thank you for all the ideas about the checking and cpu load :)


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