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Server 2019: Hosting an internal server



  • Ernie Support

    Hey Brian,

    Unfortunately, Minecraft Education support does not support Server OS's and functions yet, but there may be someone in the community who may have some insights to offer.

  • Brian Konrad

    Thank you Ernie.  Do you think we might have better results running it in a Windows 11 VM?  

    My theory is all of the video rendering has to be done via software since it is a VM, and that is a huge processor hog.  I think if we try it in Windows 11, we might have the same problem.  What would likely solve it on any OS is to have the ability to just host but not join (so no video rendering needs to happen).  But that's probably a long shot as far as implementation.  I think we will try Windows 11 and see if it's any better.  Worst case scenario, I can just throw more processors at it until it's happy.  

    Thanks again, just adding my thoughts in case anyone else wants to go down this road.  It's actually working great, it's just I see alerts in my VM environment from the processor usage.  

  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there,

    I would give the Windows 11 VM a go, unfortunately I cannot say for sure about the results. 


    If you would like to post your thoughts about Dedicated Servers, please do so here for more visibility! :)  -


  • Brian Konrad

    thanks Danny, if we try it, I'll post my experience here (and in the other thread). 

    So far my dedicated server is a success.  One other annoyance is it seems to stop allowing other users to join after a couple of days which means we need to restart the server, which very unfortunately re-generates the join codes and links.  So we will need to constantly update the links.   That's a lot of overhead work for a K-12 public school district. 


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