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Persistently Online Server For MCEE



  • Lucas Rausch

    This would be awesome!
    I think that if they did this it would be possible for something like GeyserConnect for consoles to have a version for Education Edition also.

  • Phoenix THOMPSON

    I like the idea of this, I also need a feature like this but wouldn't it hog up a world code?

    They might have to increase the number of icons in a code for that or make a dedicated server code page

    Orr they could just have a feature to host an IP address permanently.

    I don't know, I like your idea but there are downsides

  • Jackson Stone

    i really only think codes are a good idea for temporary worlds with dedicated sessions, but you can use an IP for persistent servers or switch to IP’s entirely I don’t know. i get where you’re coming from with the codes but there are almost always solutions to the downsides


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