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CodeBuilder lagging and working very slowly


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    Hi, Luka Jurkovic - You're on PCs. Thanks for giving so much good data. =] 

    So, may I make a suggestion as a test? Do your students ever go to ?

    When they go there do they see their code? Sometimes I have tried making code on the site first. Also, it is easier to "clean up" there. You can click "view all" and get rid of clutter - like old tutorials and things you don't need. I like to make sure I have published and shared any code I care about (keeping the links archived,) and then I delete everything else.

    I don't really think it will solve things, but it might ease it somewhat. 

    I think problems like this are world based sometimes. I have had code builder problems at times myself. Generally, if I restart the computer and open a clean blocks of grass world, things will be better for me. This may not be the case for you though, and I definitely want to be sure you get help! Coding is important ;) - so if it still persists, I would put in a help ticket, and include all of the things you have tried, and all the good info on your environment. Check back in and let us know how things are going!


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