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Python 101 Lesson 4 Activity 2




  • Laylah Bulman

    Is this in MakeCode or Python Notebooks?

  • Hiroko Masuda

    Sorry for late. This occurred after coding. 

    The coding went good. I can get four food for Dog 1. Dog 1 eats three out of four, but only bone was omitted. 


  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    The hardest part of this exercise is the accessory skills needed. Be sure and check out the supplementary materials in the link below - a pdf and a PowerPoint. They are both very helpful!

    After you get the items in your chest, you must put them in your hotbar. They walk in front of the dog's "bowl" to feed it. (I put them in order, and have not tested out of order.)

    Then you will use the keyboard to scroll though your hotbar and drop the items.


    You should see the items being dropped into the bowl, and then see the word correct appear in yellow above the dog.

    Let me know if this helps! (If I try to feed the dog, he shows hearts, follows me around, and the lesson is messed up. I have to put the food in the bowl.) 

  • Hiroko Masuda

    Thank you for the instruction. However it's a pity that it has not been solved.

    Actually I put them in my hotbar, and walked in front of the bowl, and press

    1-Q (CHICKEN-->ring and disappear)

    2-Q (BEEF-->ring and disappear)

    3-Q (BISCUIT-->ring and disappear)

    4-Q (BONE --> flown in the air)

    Only the bone does not work. Today I used the mcworld file downloaded from "Download all" at the bottom of the link 


  • Andrew Mulholland

    Having taken a quick glance at this, can you try the copy from the Minecraft Education world library?
    The link below should open it automatically within the game.

    It may have been that the copy stored on the website could have fallen out of date, as this bug was fixed a while back.
    These deep links are the ideal way to get world files that are within the ingame library, as they can be shared directly with students and it will auto import, no need to manually download and import.


    If that version doesn't work, we can do some further digging, but I can't seem to be able to reproduce the issue on the ingame library copy linked above.

  • Hiroko Masuda

    I'm sorry for my late response. 

    I tried the link you have given, but unfortunately the situation remained same. 

    Only bone does not be accepted. I'm stuck!!

  • Hiroko Masuda

    Today I got the solution to this problem.

    The situation solved when I changed the language from Japanese to English. 

    The food for Dog No.1 is [CHICKEN, BEEF, BISCUIT, BONE]. 

    I noticed that in hot bar, the item names are shown like this, [CHICKEN, BEEF, BISCUIT, ほね]

    ほね means bone in Japanese. 

    This item name caused the problem, I think. 

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    oh my! Problem solving and language issues! Thank you for persisting and for communicating to us about this. I am sure that this will help others as well!


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