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Python programming



  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there Susan,

    Could you describe the issue further?

    Is it happening to every student in your class or just a few?

    What devices and OS versions are the students running?

    What version of Minecraft Education is everyone on?



  • Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hello, Susan Mejia - I know when things start "blowing up" in class, the last thing you want to do is start documenting the problem with the program :/ but is there any chance you know which lesson was giving disappointing information with the coordinates? There are some problems I can help with sometimes. Maybe I can chip in!

  • Laylah Bulman

    Hi Susan! Are you working with the MakeCode or Notebook Python 101? And are you in 1.19? Happy to help you with these.

  • Susan Mejia

    Yes we are working with Makecode python 101 and the version is 1.19.52. The code builder can take over ten minutes to run the code. This occurs in lessons 1-10. Any suggestions would be great.

  • Laylah Bulman

    Would you be able to give additional information about the coordinates?

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hi, Susan. Be sure you download the PowerPoint here: 

    I tried a few lessons. I did have a bad lag loading the code, but things worked in general. I had messages that I didn't need to code right now when I was just trying to talk to the agent, so that was off. But no problems with any coordinates. Remember that the coordinates are relative. (The PPT goes over this.) I forget this every time I do this lesson, so i get it! You have to go stand in the right spot for the code to work 

    But definitely, code builder is laggy. I didn't have anything take ten minutes. (For example, my first lesson took 20 seconds to open code builder. Later windows took 12-17 seconds.)

    What was super slow, and the biggest problem for me, was the lack of auto-populate on commands. That, and the error checking were both so slow as to be almost not present.

  • Susan Mejia


    Thank you for checking on this for me. The coordinates that the students are having trouble with are lesson 2, activity 3, with the, pos( 0, -1, 1) while standing on the gold block. This puts the block on the stack to the right as if the pos(-1, 2, 0) was the given coordinates. It only happens with a few some of the students programs. I wonder if the settings has something in them that could cause this to be changed? The lag time has been happening for the last week or so and I used this program last year without any issues on the same computers. 

  • Susan Mejia in relation to the coordinates issue, I am not sure I fully follow?

    If you mean, sometimes it places it off 1 to the left or right, this may be caused by students not standing in the middle of the golden block. If students stand too far off the side, because of the coordinate rounding Minecraft does, it may round up/down to the next block. Best bet is encourage students to stand in the middle of the block just in case.

    I've given it a test there and (while standing in the middle of the gold block), the solution below (from the educator guide) looks to work.

    Does that help, or have I perhaps misunderstood the issue?



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