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Multiplayer not working May 6 (no settings changes, worked fine before)



  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    I am sorry that you are experiencing this, Sarah. Is there any aspect of this setup that is managed by the school? Are the devices imaged or managed by an IT department. Are you the teacher, connecting through a school network or at home as well? The two issues we are seeing is that with this new build 1.19, all users must be on the same version. Users (even one user) can connect with a different version but issues within the world will start to appear. The other is the interaction with the client and content filters. If there are any antivirus programs, VPNs, or portals that schools use for login and management, the communication can get interrupted. From what you describe, this sounds like an antivirus program is scanning the app when you are hosting, and that continuous scan is causing issues when trying to host. It could also be due to inbound traffic blocks since the two students that are using the same network are able to play together. I hope some of this helps you isolate the issue and if you have any thoughts, please let us know. 

  • Bug Zapper Super Star

    Nope. It's like a cram school (an out-of-school-school) and I do the virtual classes, so we're all on personal devices and home networks. We're all on the same version, I've whitelisted everything, and these are Student Ambassadors so they're pretty savvy. It was working fine the week before, but on Saturday, no one made changes to any of our settings, and yet nobody could host. They're training to lead lessons, so there's a lot of host swapping across the weeks, and lots of them have successfully done it before.

    I just now had a student do a test join, and it looks like at least that one student is up and running again. We can't test the full flight again until Saturday, but I'm hoping it's resolved itself. Now I'm wondering if there was multiplayer or Azure maintenance or something on the weekend, thinking there wouldn't be classes/work?  The student who missed out on leading his lesson is doing a makeup on Sunday and I'm really hoping he's able to run it this time.



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