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Is there a way to edit .mkcd files



  • Elijah Pritchett

    I never heard of this before! I have very little about this ".mkcd"! Did you try turning it to a .zip and extracting, as that method works for me with ".mcworld"s, ".mcaddon"s and ".mcpacks"s before, but I never heard of this file before. so many possible undiscovered things out there, with many possible combinations of files that I cant bare? I never heard of a file type so interesting!

  • Andrii Barabash

    Hi, I have been searching for the same thing for a while through Minecraft, then I suggested that this question might have already been asked on a forum.
    So I have the same problem - I have instructions for the lessons made as mkcd files, and I see no ability to change them now.
    And the "fun" part that the strong need in changing them appeared with the 1.18 update, where the behavior of MakeCode has changed greatly. Please tell me if you had found any solution to edit those files, thank you!

  • OLegonD

    Seems to work, Elijah Pritchett


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