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How can u get mods when u are on a school computer and can you add more maps? *



  • Denlawyor

    A simple way to get mods/maps is to import them. a good site i reccomend is just make sure the files are ".mcpack" and ".mcaddon" (.mcworld for maps) if the mods are ".zip" change it. 2 ways to get the mods/map in is with the import button or double clicking the mcaddon (Note: some mods arent made for edu or outdated)

  • Eddie Liu

    The import button only works for the worlds and you can't double click the .mcaddon file on a school chromebook.

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Minecraft Education doesn't support mods and addons so if something you install crashes the game, you may have to reinstall minecraft and you may loose any worlds you have not backed up.

    If it is a school device, the administrators may have blocked the ability to import/install or even go to certain web sites.

    Keep in mind that any maps, addons, texture packs or behavior packs you download or install from 3rd parties are not controlled, tested, or checked in any way by Minecraft Education.  If there are problems with it the staff here have no way of troubleshooting or fixing them, hence why Minecraft doesn't support them.  Most of that stuff available on the internet is created for Bedrock edition or Java edition and therefore may not work with Education.  There are some teachers out there who test different maps and addons with Education to see if they work or not.  There are other teachers who create their own Addons and Maps for their students but that is a lot of work.  You may be able to find a computer science teacher with your school system who could Assist you with creating your own maps or addons for Minecraft Education.  You might want to ask if you school system has a Minecraft Club you could take part in.

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    I recommend you use a different computer and install of MCEDU for testing mods and things that are not supported by Minecraft. Just in case!


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